Wednesday, June 29, 2011

my phone book is on the van in front of me

Random thought for today:

As I was driving home from work I was thinking about all the phone numbers that I'm picking up off of vans and service trucks.  I used to never get phone numbers for garage door repair, painters, lawn care, or other services this way.  I did what every child-less person does... I google it.  But with my little one.. it's hard to get online even for a second as he wants or needs something...and then making a phone call with him awake is almost impossible as he loves to "talk" on the phone too and doesn't much like it when he can't have it.  So I make all my phone calls (hands free for safety) in the car these days as I drive to and from work. I wonder how many other mamas with little ones have turned to the van in front of them for their phone book too.  

Sunday, June 26, 2011

An Apple A Day

We took Avi swimming June 13th at the outdoor pool.  It was a hot day and we didn't take a change of clothes thinking he would just wear his suit home because it was sooo hot.  Afternoon clouds rolled over the mountains while we were in the pool and our lil' bird's beak was chattering.  So we stripped him down and I gave him my tank top to wear home.  Here he sits in his Ema's tank top in our front yard eating an apple... one of his favorite pass times.

One bird looking up at another bird

We had a chilly afternoon last week and Avi played in the lavender while Ema pulled weeds.