About Me

I am a 30 something queer Jewish woman sharing this wonderful journey of parenthood with my partner, Jenn. I am Ema (which means Mother in Hebrew) and Jenn is Mama to our amazing son Avi Bird. I am a breastfeeding, babywearing, cosleeping mama who loves upcycling, hanging laundry to dry in the sun, sewing something without a pattern, baking deliciousness for all to enjoy, capturing moments through the written word and photographs, and learning from the natural world around me. At times, there are weeds in my garden, shortages in my patience, stains on my tablecloth, fingerprints on the countertop, strife in my relationship(s), and dishes in my sink. And yet, the sun still shines and the smiles melt away all that is imperfect - and this is my meditation. another look at me here

If you have questions you want to direct offline, email me at: julieberner@hotmail.com


  1. Oh so wise, I am glad I read this today :) Thank you!

  2. thank you all for visiting... I love this blog world... where we meet!

  3. Beautiful family and great writing. I am enjoying your blog.


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