Monday, November 14, 2011

my alternative alphabet

inspired by Akari

A..... Avi, my beautiful little bird.
B..... Breast milk. I have had an abundance and feel thankful to still be nourishing my son.
C..... Change of seasons. I love this more than any one season itself.
D..... DIY. Apple cider vinegar, coconut oil deodorant, oatmeal face cleanser, and more!
E..... Earth. We must take care of her.
F..... Flapjacks. It's what my granddad called them.
G.... Gifts. The homemade kind are my favorite to give (and receive).
H.... Home. It's where my son was born.
I.... Interpreting. One way I earn my livelihood.
J.... Jenn. My partner in life, love, marriage, and parenting. and she's witty.
K.... Keeping chickens. We are new at this!
L.... Laundry. A chore I don't mind. In fact, I love hanging laundry in the sun.
M....Meditation. Something I need to move closer to the top of the priority list.
N....Naps. It's sacred time when the wee one sleeps. 
O.... Off key. Hearing Jenn sing to Avi when she doesn't know I'm listening... yum!
P.... Pomegranate. "May our merits be as numerous as the seeds of a pomegranate."
Q.... Queer. Being "out" as a queer family is everyday activism.
R.... Ritual. Lighting Shabbat candles every week.
S.... Sidecar crib. This makes co-sleeping roomier. Better night's sleep for all!
T.... Teeth. I'm insecure about my own.
U.... Upcycling. It's how I craft.
V.... Volunteering. Something I'm trying to do more of.
W.... Writing. Flash Fiction is my favorite.
X.... Xenodocheinology. Yes, it stems from my partner, my love for hotels and inns.
Y.... Yard Sales. I can't help it... I'm addicted. Thrift stores too.
Z.... Zigzag. How I sew and wander through life.


  1. i like your alternative alphabet. and your alternative self, as well. good stuff.

  2. I love the way you spell your life! Thank you for sharing. You have a beautiful family! It makes me so happy (and hopeful) to see people out in the world that love each other and are making happy families while they make our world a better place for all. Nice to meet you Jules; from our alphabets, it seems we have some things in common!


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