Tuesday, November 22, 2011

afternoon photowalkin'

Avi and I have been taking a walk around sunset every afternoon.  Yesterday we took the camera with us. We walk to a park within spitting distance from our home... and just beyond that is a small wetlands and habitat. 

a new favorite photo of us.

a robin... he pooped seconds before I shot this photo.

 a new favorite trail.

some stop and smell the roses... I stop and kiss my bird.

little legs take him far.

another favorite moment.

a closer look.

the path ahead.

the wetlands.

mirror image. 

"nee-nee" break

reflection in the reeds.


  1. Such a beautiful documentation & memory of your day :)

  2. oh yes, love that first photo of you two. all of them really, but that first one is a framer. ox to you three.


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