Friday, February 8, 2013

(these [Nine] moments)

 So here is a little bit of Thursday for Friday. 
All of the following photos were taken in one day. It was a great day indeed!!

We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures. 
 ~Thornton Wilder

Excitement with a side of nerves :: Riding the city bus.

I bit of outdoor water play :: Colorado winters.

 "A drink of water for you snail"  :: I love his kind heart.

 A fun find after all the snowmelt :: He was loving this beat up ol' football.

We've been doing a lot of this around here :: and he likes his privacy. 

 Slowing down :: Noticing beauty all around.

 A little weathered but they work just the same :: I love hanging laundry.

 And I have the best helper in the world :: "We are doing work Ema.

I am in love with this little man!!!


  1. Beautiful moments. Avi is getting so big!

  2. Avi. He's looking tall. Those little chub-a-love legs are shooting him upwards!! Hugs from here.

  3. So much beauty. I have to say I like the look of Colorado winters. We traveled to Boulder in 2008 and I was amazed at how wonderful the weather was for winter, made me fall even more in love with your beautiful state.

  4. He is such a sweet, adorable little man.


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