Wednesday, May 8, 2013

yarn along

Remember this post? Well, I've been busy. Here are just a few....yes a few of the little critters I've been knitting around here. 

Cats and rabbit... and one tailless bunny!

Check it.: Jenn has learned to knit too! She picked it up so quickly and her stitches are evening out!!

Pajama play time. Jenn with her new needles and Avi with the diggers. 

Joining Ginny today.


  1. Love your little animals. And yay Jen, she has crossed over to the dark side :)

    Happy knitting you two!

  2. Oh goodness, those animals are adorable! I think it's so great that Jen has learned to knit as well and you two can share the joy and frustrations together....kind of like life :)


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