Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pump and Dump....

Today I got to go the the hosptial for a procedure to have a 9mm kidney stone blasted.  Avi, who is almost 12 weeks) came with me to have one last suckle at the breast before I underwent the procedure and had all the icky medications on board.  He has taken Ema's (hebrew for mother) Milk from a bottle ... but usually only 4 times a week... and now he will be taking Ema's Milk for 24 hours from the bottle.  While we are not looking forward to the nighttime feedings, I'm happy we are on the other side of this stone. AND I'm happy that it was obliterated into dust... though my body doesn't much like the effects of anesthesia.  I was in recovery for four hours. blaaeeek!

I am feeling better now and Avi is taking it like a champ.  He even allowed me to 'nurse' him with the bottle.  How patient our little ones are ... they tolerate us well!  But it was sad to dump over 10oz of Ema's milk down the drain.  I'm just blessed that I have a terrific supply and have been able to stock up.... and blessed that I have insurance and supportive family who were willing to take off work and reschedule their own doctor's appointments to take care of me and Avi. 

bath and bed ahead...

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