Sunday, April 3, 2011

Crafty Mama Blogs

A spring rainstorm just passed through and the birds are singing while the sun lingers high above the cloudy sky... I wonder if she will show her face again today.  Since setting up this blog, my dear son has grown from 12 weeks to now, 9 months old (He is a stellar human and I'm thrilled to be his Ema), I've become inspired by my dear friend Lisa and turned my office/writing studio into my craft/creation room.  With my sewing machine accessible full time, I've tried my hands at a few crafty creations, checked every craft book out of the library, and begun to read these amazing crafting mama blogs. How wonderful to be inspired by so many other mama's out there, near and far, to get me into my craft room or out into the gardens or researching more about chickens. 

I'm trying to find the delicate balance now of how to be online, post and upload pics to this blog and how to be outside in the sunshine or rain, and how to be at the sewing machine finishing one of the several creations I've started.  It's a slow start, but let's see how we can do in the next few week.  

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