Monday, February 6, 2012

experiences expanding us...

experiences expanding our world
experiences expanding our hearts
experiences holding us together
a few of our experiences in the last few days

Fun with Friends:

Moments with Mamas:

Cuddles and Crafts with Cousins:


  1. That is a ton of snow! What fun. We've had no precipitation here at all. It all seems to blow over us and go to you all!

    1. ....and honestly KC, these photos don't really do it justice. We did get a lot... and then the sun came out and gave us back our reliable blue skies... you know the kind! :)

  2. Looks like fun!!! Love the pic of the three of you together :)

    You have way more snow than we do, nothing left now. And no sign of any in the forecast.

    1. Kim, thanks! I too love that pic of all of us. I'm behind the camera so often that these pics become my favorites. and about the snow.... it's snowing again right now! :)


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