Saturday, August 27, 2011

Grand Tetons National Park

A wonderful vacation with Jenn's family.  

"I've seen clouds from both sides now..."
these views - harbingers of the majesty of our weekend
the whole gang
Always ask a stranger to take a picture of everyone! I love these captured moments.

Our digs...
Our cute cabin... thanks G & G for a great trip with cozy diggs

early morning moments
savoring the snuggling

As we started our morning hike to Inspiration Point, I noticed this tree destroyed by Mountain Pine Beetle, Dendroctonus ponderosae. I also live in the Rocky Mountains and see the effects of this epidemic everyday - much worse in Colorado than we saw on this trip to the Tetons. 

I think our tendency when we are in nature is that we tend to move our cameras a few inches to the left or right and snap the "beautiful" photo..... free of the reality of death or destruction. When I saw this barren tree through my viewfinder, I decided to go against the tendency - this photo below is the result. 
Pine Beetle damage

an undisturbed spider web

on the ferry across Jenny Lake

Happy hiking companions 

Seester taking in the beauty
The smaller side of beauty


Mama, Ema, and a snoozing babe in the pack - hidden falls 

Yellow bellied marmot
On this particular morning hike we saw this marmot as well as a pica which was too fast for me to capture.  No bears, Jenn was thankful for no bears.

Inspiration Point

Mama and Avi taken a break

Grandpa and Grandma aka Jenn's parents

Mama holding the rocks to keep her footing, Avi holding the rocks to mimic Mama

I cannot recall the name of this flower

After a long morning hike, and some afternoon activities, we would gather on this beautiful lawn in front of our cabins for nursy, playing and just plain relaxing.
Postcard perfect

Even a nursing babe can take a moment to wave, "hello"

Family self portrait

I love these two!

The first time I was bucked off a horse I was in utero.  Soon after I came along, my family moved and we got rid of the horse we owned (aptly named Buck).  But that didn't stop my love for it.  I had subscribed to Horse Quarterly as a young girl and rode 4-H even though we didn't own a horse.  I rode on the equestrian team in high school and began learning natural horsemanship just a few years ago.  I still don't own a horse, but someday I will.  In the meantime, these moments will have to suffice! 

If I could ride everyday, I would.  On vacation I did! With Seester!

A beauty!

Yep, I can't help it... I love him!

Grandma and Avi - a special love!

We went into Jackson Hole for BBQ for dinner one night.  Grandma captured this great photo of Avi eating spare ribs for the first time.  

Two fisted spare ribs

We need more vacations.  Time spent with loved ones.  Time without cell phones, email, t.v., calendars, etc.  Time spent taking in the awe and wonder of this world.  Time to slow.  Time to breathe deep.  Time to love. We need more vacations.

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