Monday, August 1, 2011

Mountain Beach

Growing up with the Great Lakes, I miss the water.  I probably say it every other day.  It's hard to feel satiated with a human made reservoir -- but living with the beautiful Rocky Mountains as my permanent backdrop I guess I shouldn't complain.  This past weekend we ventured to Boulder Res and found an antidote for the high temps.  Our good friends and Avi's 'pseudo' aunties, Erin and Leslie, joined us.  What an exquisite day. 

Sunshine, shade and shared giggles... Auntie Erin and Avi

Leslie... all smiles.
A day at the Res with friends sure beats working!

My beautiful Wife  

Avi ready to compete in a smashball tourney

I adore how much this young boy LOVES being in the water.  Water of any kind.... swimming in the murky res, in the backyard kiddie pool, standing at the water table, sharing a tub with Ema, washing dishes at the kitchen sink, watering the garden with his watering can, filling up a bucket with the hose.

"ball, ball, ball, ball"
"I can even swim with the ball in my hand" with Auntie Leslie's help

One of my favorite memories of childhood is the singing sands along the shores of Lake Michigan.  At the Boulder Res, the sand isn't really 'sand'... it's just shy of being pea gravel, but at the shoreline, a boy falls in love with the alchemy of sand and water.  I wonder if this experience will be included in one of his favorite childhood memories.  

You may have noticed, I'm the one behind the camera.  

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