Monday, March 26, 2012

Laps are for sitting in...

"Lap, lap, lap", Avi will say as he pulls your hand to the couch. 

Reading is one of his favorite past times. I find I have to stop myself from saying, "hold on" or "in a minute" as I'm trying to finish up one last chore... and just take his hand and sit together to read. I know how important reading is and I want nothing more than to continue to foster that in him. When I was in elementary school, I knew reading was important, so on library day I would pick the thickest books available on the subject of horses (fiction and non-fiction) and I would carry them too and from school so other people would know I was reading. But I never read these books. I was a late bloomer when it comes to reading for enjoyment. (But obviously an early bloomer in knowing about "image" - ugh). So as I said, I want nothing more than to foster the love of reading that he already has... so that he will continue to love books throughout his entire life.  

On this day a few weeks ago, when he took my hand, I suggested we read all of his books. We searched around the living room and found as many books as we could and piled them high. We read through the Shapes book and On The Night You Were Born and then we started reading the Trucks book. "More..." he insisted. Ugh, I hate that Trucks book... digger, tractor, ambulance, airport firetruck, mail truck...  But when I couldn't coax him to another book, I smiled at his own independence coming through and we read that damn Trucks book about thirteen more times before he was ready for the "swings". 

I think I should take his lead when it comes to my own reading and leave all the dishes in the sink and the laundry left to be folded to enjoy my time with a good book. In fact, I'll do just that right now!!


  1. I read to my boys all the time when they were little. They grew older and it didn't hold the charm of the outdoors, but it did help develop their reading skills. Also, this "lap time" goes away so quickly, so enjoy it while you the way - this dishes and laundry aren't going anywhere, so take some time for yourself too ;)

  2. Reading time is anytime in our home, and I love it. Lately, we can't just read one book, it must be a pile of books. At least it is not the same book over and over again :)

    Hope you enjoyed your reading time.

  3. OH wow I was just thinking this yesterday. When my kids were younger, we use to read all the time before bed. As they have gotten older (7 and 9 now), somehow we have gotten off the reading wagon and become preoccupied with other things (netflix shows ie.) before bedtime. Chores are always abound during the day but you are right, there is no reason why they can't wait for a good book with the kids :).

  4. As I read this there is a stack of about eight books next to me on the couch - brought over bright and early this morning by our little reader. Since I try to keep our minimal toys, reading has become our go-to activity. I love it but I understand the patience required with re-reading a book over and over. That's why I hide them sometimes :)


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