Wednesday, March 7, 2012

perspectives on yesterday afternoon

71 degree days - two in a row! Today snow forecasted. 


  1. Oh how I am longing for warm summer days. Suppose to be a lovely spring day here today, can't wait to enjoy it.

    Lovely pics!

  2. These are so gorgeous! Love the sepia tone. Your son is so adorable! We've had crazy weather too. Snow flurries on Monday and in the 60's these last two days...and I'm in NC.

  3. Avi looks the part of the urbin farmer, Enoy each day, live life to the fullest,Love Dad

  4. I love, love, love these photos! And Avi's hat is awesome. Is it actually made for kids or did you just rig it up to fit on him?

  5. The wild temperment of almost-Spring. :)

    Sweet photos!

  6. We were out soaking it up, too! Great pics :)


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