Friday, July 29, 2011

DIY Deodorant

Because deodorants don't do much when trying to mask the stink.... and anti-perspirants cause a horribly itchy rash, I came across this remedy by another mama on  It is the only thing that I have found that actually works (and I have tried every natural brand on the market including the crystal) and it's so easy to make.  

In a small bowl combine:

1/4 Cup of Baking Soda,
1/4 Cup of Corn Starch arrowroot (update: I found that arrowroot has a better consistency).
 6 Tbsp of Coconut oil. 

Mix with a fork

Meanwhile, have your little one mix something of their own. 
Here Avi has fun with the tupperware cupboard contents and a wooden spoon. 

Poor mixture into a recycled container.
I have used jars, tupperware, and here an old pomade container.

Label. Voila, you're done!

Note: I call this "goo" because in the hotter weather it takes on a liquid form and in cooler weather a more solid form.  In the future, when making a batch in the summer, I might add only 5 Tbsp of coconut oil so that it won't be so liquidly.


  1. I've heard that you can also add shea butter to give it a thicker consistency. :)

    1. I will have to give that a try... do you know the amounts?


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