Thursday, July 7, 2011


Jenn surprised me with a mini vacation up to Estes Park this past weekend.  We stayed at a cute cabin that had a swimming pool area complete with a kiddie pool.  It was a foot deep and Avi loved being able to stand at the edge.  He LOVES the water.  On saturday evening we went into Rocky Mountain National Park and despite the signs saying Bear Lake parking was full, we made our way in anyway.  Found a spot to park and headed for a few short hikes around Bear Lake and Nymph Lake.  Of course there were lots of tourists, but Avi loved waving Hi to all of his new friends.

Avi and I at Bear Lake

Avi sees a chipmunk

Jenn with Avi pointing at the chipmunk and signing bird
At least one of us got to eat on the trail when we got hungry
I'm so grateful that my partner, Jenn, knows when it is time to get out and get away.  Surprises like this make my day!  Despite a few mosquito bites --- it was great to get away!

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