Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thursday Afternoon

For the past 7 months, our friend, Tim has stopped by our place almost every Thursday on his way home after he volunteers with Emergency Family Assistance Association. Tim came into our life about four years ago by way of mutual friends and in the first 2 minutes that we met, we discovered so much overlap in our lives, that we decided to exchange numbers.  Since then we all have become close.  Today Tim came by and shared watermelon with Avi and when Jenn arrived home, the poop jokes started.  We enjoyed the cooler weather in the backyard before the afternoon thundershower started. 

Avi, Tim and Jenn
Lavender from our garden

Thinning the kale and chard means more greens for our salad
Sour cherries from our montmorency cherry tree 
My goal this week is to make a cherry pie using these cherries.  

A handful of berries that the slugs haven't touched


 Avi testing out the flowers..........

Avi and Mama

Some cherries still on the tree

Along with the cherry pie, a rhubarb and cardamon galette is on the to-bake list

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