Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bawk Bawk!

We'll it's official. We've got some girls. Hens that is. Four to be exact. I'm thankful for my Dad who designed (and redesigned about 32 times he says) our coop, built our coop, disassembled it, drove it 1248 miles to our home, and reassembled it - giving home to our first chickens that he also brought from the farm.  

Day 1 in Chicken Land

Avi, with a little cold and some freshly squeezed juice on his face, meets his hens for the first time.

He loves to feed them corn, piece by piece.

Our coop in pieces.

Starting to resemble a coop here. 

My dad working hard. The only thing purchased to build this coop were the hinges. All the lumber, chicken wire, and plastic coded fence that he used were scavenged from his farm. 

Looking more and more like a coop.

Putting in the floor.

"Can you help me hold this?", he asked.  "Yes," I said, "after I get this picture."

Avi introduces friend/neighbor Carter to his birds. Carter is delighted and says, "chick."

Day 2 in Chicken Land

The coop is done (sans the paint) and Avi is ready to do his first morning of chicken chores.  Open up the house and....

...feed and water the birds.

Grandpa and Avi inspecting the coop.

Friends Lisa and Zinnia come by to meet the girls. "bawk-bawk"

Zinnia and Avi at the coop.

Avi likes to put the corn, piece by piece, at the edge of the coop for the girls to eat. 

Just because the coop is up didn't mean the work was done. Here's my Dad setting the fence posts with the post driver.  The fence posts are the old stakes we used to staked our young trees two years ago.  The fence we bought used from Resource Boulder for $12.  

"Coming to help you Grandpa"

"Should I hold it here?"

"Yes, I can get the hammer for you"

Whatever we did, Avi was right there.  He wanted to pull the fence, when he saw us pulling the fence taut. When we swung the hammer, he would "help" hold the hammer.  When we moved rocks, he moved rocks.  He loves helping.  He and his Grandpa made a great team.  

Day 3 in Chicken Land

Today's to-do list:
  • finish the fence
  • fix tarp beneath for easy poop clean up
  • clip the bird's wings
  • head to the feed store
  • enjoy Avi as he enjoys watching the birds "free range"
  • more photos
  • rest a little (?)
  • thank my dad - again! maybe with another apple crisp? or a rhubarb galette? 


  1. Thanks for sharing with us. Zinnia has been talking about Avi and the chickens and what they eat and blowing them kisses all morning.

  2. I am sooooo jealous!!!! I have to come meet them sometime:) Maybe when we get chickens we can have chicken play dates, ha!

  3. Ha, I really have been enjoying this lovely photo story!

    Wishing you all the best with your new friends and a lovely weekend,
    xxx sas


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