Saturday, October 29, 2011

coop de red



Coop - sans paint

Avi prepping to paint

Taping my pattern
 Dad and I getting started
Grandpa Dick, Gage, and Dallas working hard
More of the same
Avi spying the freshly painted coop in the freshly fallen snow

When the snow lets up a bit, we are going to finish the barn door criss cross in white paint.  Almost done, but it's looking great already.

three of our four girls --- happily doing what hens do pre first winter storm. 

little one aka liza
blond one 
red one


  1. Your coop is beautiful, even if it is now covered in snow. We were under a winter storm warning, but it only stuck to the cars and then turned to rain. Miss you!

  2. aww. beautiful! i didn't know you were on your way to chickens. owen will be so excited! wish we could come meet your new additions!

  3. Wow, if I were a chicken I would be very impressed with those digs. You've all done very well. The paint design is great - I love the pattern. In Oz the temperatures can get very low and it does snow - I know that chickens often stop laying the - but they can be encouraged if you feed them warm porridge every morning. Have a great weekend. Take care, Katie x


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