Wednesday, May 30, 2012

wee(ds)kend project

We were so fortunate that the previous owners of our home were avid gardeners. We have the most beautiful flower gardens. When one blooms dies back, another comes... and this continues from the very first crocuses far into late fall. We have spent so many hours out in our yard keeping it beautiful -- until June of 2010. June 25 to be exact -- our little bird's birthday. While we enjoyed the new found wonder of being mamas, the bind weed, dandelions, lambs quarters, and thistles enjoyed our negligence. This past Sunday, while Jenn was busy in the veggie garden (post coming soon) I got busy in the bed adjacent to our chicken coop. Avi took turns helping both of us!

believe it or not - this is a rock path/ditch

overgrown with weeds and grasses

the tedious task of cleaning rocks from weeds

while I was working hard, my best helper was playing harder


And just to reiterate: 


Walking out to the chicken coop every morning I get to see the efforts of my hard work. 
What projects are you working on??


  1. Well done! I'm sure it was exhausting work, but you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor everyday.

    1. indeed... and I insist on showing everyone who comes over. grin!

  2. Wow, it looks great! That must have been some serious effort. We cleaned out one of our overgrown gardens in the fall and now everything is back and maybe even worse than before. Some of the weeds are almost taller than our rose bushes. Unfortunately the garden is right next to the road, so we almost never get out there to work when the kids are awake (which is always, of course).

    1. Katie... I giggle a little when I read "(which is always, of course)". I hear you!!! We had bind weed overtaking our roses last year that it actually looked like our roses where being bear-squeezed, hog-tied, and trying to gasp for enough air to say, "help us". :)

  3. Your garden looks amazing, even in the first picture. I like weed :-) But I know it can't overtake, so good job!
    I was going to ask you today, when Avi was born because he seems almost same age as my son. Good I kept reading because I found the aswer right here :-), Two month apart they are, Aaron is born August 31. 2010 and best thing, Avis day is also my day, June 25. best day of all for a birthday I think! :-)
    There are just so many things in your words in this blog that I keep nodding at, I am amazed!


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