Wednesday, December 7, 2011

upcycled sleevy pants

Back in September, I was inspired to create some upcycled pants for Avi out of old shirts.  I saw some at a craft fair and knew I could do it too.  Many of the tutorials online are elaborate with patterns and so forth, but I found a few how-to's that were more my (whip it up and see how it turns out) style. See indietutes or rispok for easy tutorials.  Below are some shots of three pairs I made, from summer to winter!


The first is this blue pair made from a polo type shirt.

Cut off sleeves

My kind of pattern -- use a pair of something you already have!

A few runs through the sewing machine.


Avi modeling them while helping me hang the laundry. 

There is even room in there for his gigantic cloth diaper.

I had to include this one of his t-shirt from Tiny Revolution... can you read it?
"Double the Mommies, Double the Love."


The second pair were made from a 3/4 length sleeve knit sweater that I wore a ton while I was pregnant. It was an XL and too big for me postpartum.

These are great pj pants

Built in stretch.

How Avi has grown in just 3 months, these now fit like capris on him. 


The third pair were made from a wool sweater that I felted.  I think Diane has a nice explanation on how to felt sweaters on her blog

Green Wool Snow Pants

Yesterday, Avi wore them in the snow and I am LOVING them.  We have a snowsuit from last year that is too small if he wants to walk or lift his arms and we haven't gotten him any snow pants yet for this year.  So in the meantime, with these frigid days, on went the wool pants as snow pants.  They went easily over his cubby legs, a pair of babylegs leg warmers, and some loose cotton pants and kept him warm and DRY!!  

Rear view. 

Even a tumble is no problem.

 Snow caked outside, dry and warm inside.

 Everyone should be able to sit in the snow and be so warm.

Our afternoon exploration in 27 degree temps was a success!

 Special thanks to my sweetest model.


  1. the pants are great! totally going to steal some of steve's old shirts for a project for Z. ox


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