Thursday, December 22, 2011


Yesterday, Avi signed "FISH" and pointed to the junk drawer. I opened the drawer to look for something that was fish-like. Nothing. "What fish babe?" I asked him.  "FISH" he signed over and over. I kept bringing him "fish" things. A book with fish in it, another book with fish in it, and a third book with fish in it. "FISH", he signed again and again. Walking back to the junk drawer, pointing. This went on for about three minutes.  I finally opened the drawer for -- oh, I dunno, the fourth (?) time when everything clicked. Avi had been drawing fish with Reji and then his Grandma recently. His crayons are kept in the junk drawer. Avi wanted his crayons. "FISH" of course.

coloring with grandma.

I LOVE how our kidlets make associations and use their limited language to communicate to us.  I felt a sense of .... hmmmm, what's the word?  Connection? Yes, connection! Yes, I felt a sense of connection -- connection with Avi -- when I was able to solve the mystery and interpret his "FISH".  I feel grateful for these little moments.  

little fingers.

little joys.

 little fish.

huge connections.


  1. Jules, This is such a sweet story. I love being reminded that the mystery we (parents) are solving brings connection. A couple of days ago my family went into Denver for family day. We ended up at Bayou Bob's for dinner and ordered some hush puppies. Ave called them prairie dogs. We laughed about that for a while. Kiddos are truly a joy! - Maggie

  2. Maggie,

    I love it. Thanks for sharing... AND thanks for visiting. let's get together after the new year for a cup of tea.



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