Sunday, December 11, 2011

Inspired to Run

I do love this blog world.  and tonight I was inspired by Muddy Socks' most recent post.  So tonight I am posting that tomorrow, I'm going for a run in the morning.  Regardless of the weather.  I post this tonight so that anyone who stumbles here might check in with me to see if I actually followed through!! :)


  1. Thank you for the shout out !! Get your butt out there and do it....I will be checking in on you later ;)

  2. I got up this morning and no part of me wanted to run. So I put on my running clothes, grabbed my ipod, bundled my ears and hands, put on my running shoes and headed out the door. I didn't run for a loooong time, but I ran... and I didn't stop even when I wanted to. I ran around the trails linking the streets in my neighborhood and past the playground with all the school kids playing. Running with my ipod makes things that much better. So here's to getting out and doing it. I didn't want to when I started, but I feel soooo much better -- physically and mentally -- after having done it.

  3. WOOT, WOOT !!!! You got out there and did it ! Go you!!! I was driving into work this morning and thinking..hmmmm, I feel really good RIGHT now. I feel like I could run NOW. So I'm thinking that maybe I need to get up early...shower....drink coffee...AND then drive an hour in my car to run. Is that crazy?? LOL ~ Good for you. Now how about those plans for a race ?? :)


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