Monday, December 12, 2011

What do you see?

The other day, Avi and I were sharing a snack and he started signing something.  Avi signs a lot, but many of his signs look similar so at times it takes a little deciphering.  I started looking around so I could make sense of his sign.  This is how it went:

"What do you see Avi?" (He didn't want "more")

(There weren't "shoes" nearby to be seen) "Can you show Ema what you see?"

He pointed out the window and I look.....

"Of course, the squirrel.  Looks like that squirrel is also having a snack."
And so... we watched the squirrel for a while.  

And I marvel at how our little ones can "tell" us so much about their world.  And the fact that his sign for "shoe", "more", "squirrel", and "rock" all look similar or that his signs for "book", "help", and his clapping all look similar doesn't really make that big of a deal.  We always seem to figure it out together. 

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  1. Zinnia's "squirrel" sign looks like "more" also. I love the stories they tell. Adorable pics of Avi, as usual! Hope he's feeling better.


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