Thursday, January 12, 2012

All in an afternoon....

Avi got a strider pre-bike from his Grandma and Grandpa for Hanukkah. 
We finally opened it and took it for a short spin. Avi likes to say "bike"!
Helmet, check!  And off we go!

I got this thing!

But he still loves this wagon.  He loves to push it and... be pushed in it! 
We went to a neighbor's sloping driveway so he could "drive" down it. 


I got sidetracked by his curls....

...and the way the sun shines off his eyelashes.

Then it's to the park that is within spitting distance from our house.  We are so fortunate!
On our way, we see these two deer.

Then we meet Ringo, the neighborhood llama out for his walk.

At last at the swings... Avi swings high... high up to the moon.

and Mama comes home early and finds us at the park!

Watching the two of them play chase... I love it!

4:15, our sun sinks below the mountains. So we head in...

....and snuggle up with some favorite books.


  1. i love the picture of Avi in the swing, but Z loves seeing him on the bike. we have clicked on it at least 10 times this morning.

  2. Love the bike and that last photo made me smile this morning:)))))

  3. Love that balance bike! We just realized this morning that our big boy just grew into the very last height setting...One of those silly milestones that makes us parents just a little sadder than it should!

    1. yes, those milestones are soooo important!! :)

  4. A friend of mine has a wagon like that. Sofia loves it. If only I could find one on Craig's list... Looks like a really lovely afternoon.

    1. KC, keep looking on craigslist. when i was first searching, there was nothing, but then voila... one showed up and for $20!! :)

  5. Such lovely pics. Looks like a fun day! I love the pic of Avi and Mama playing chase...such a beautiful shot.

    Thanks for sharing, it warmed my heart to see these pictures tonight.

    1. thanks kim... seems like our afternoons are a little parallel, eh? too bad we didn't live closer!

  6. Love the pic of Jenn holding Avi, Avi looks like he is saying, "and then we saw the llama..." :)
    I also love the one of Avi swinging to the moon:)

    1. Mollie, thanks for visiting. I do love it that Avi's language is expanding so much that he can share his day with Jenn. so sweet!


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