Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Iron Chef Avi

One of Avi's friend's, Zinnia, got a beautiful kitchen remodel by her parents for Christmas. It was inspiring to see it come together, so much so that I want to make one for Avi. But in the meantime, we've created a little 'Farmer's Market' and 'Iron Chef Stadium' in our living room. I love to watch Avi shop, and sort, and cook up his creations. A favorite was onion banana soup - YUM! Iron Chef Zakarian, you've been warned! But his first competition in Iron Chef Stadium was with Chef Garces. Here are some highlights::

So America, with an open heart and an empty stomach, 
I say unto you in the words of my uncleAllez Cuisine

The secret Ingredients.

Avi doing a little molecular gastronomy grafting the orange with the peach.

Who says you can't compare apples to oranges?

Chef Garces' side of kitchen stadium seems empty, huh?

Turning up the heat on his stove top

Turning up the heat on his competition - looks like cheese, strawberry, pear concoction.

I can't wait to taste his peach pie.

Gordon Ramsey would be proud! 

Chef Avi looks down right at ease in the kitchen.

A little potato to add to the.... could it be? Yes, the ice cream machine!

"Three, two, one, and step away!"

And the Winner is...


  1. this cracks me up. oh. my. goodness. And the next Iron Chef America is....Chef Avi Bird. I'll have to show Stevie.

    1. I couldn't resist it! I thought you guys would get a kick out of it. I'm not sure many others will appreciate it so.


  2. Heehee, that was Awesome! Chef Avi Bird is definitely my pick, too ;)

    1. thanks... we've had fun playing with his food and I had a little too much fun putting this post together.

  3. Love it!! Chef Avi Bird takes it hands down :)

    1. Kim, I'm glad to know others enjoyed this as well!!

  4. Alton did the commentary in my head as I read!

    1. Unknown (who are you? and I do like mr frizzles), I couldn't help but hear Alton's voice as I was writing the blog. :)


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