Tuesday, January 24, 2012


As a parent, I try to read a variety of books about raising kiddos. I don't feel that one rigid philosophy -- regardless of what it is -- is healthy for parents or children. Thus, my practice in reading parenting books is to glean from the pages what works for us and leave what doesn't. One book that I revisit again and again is Rahima Baldwin Dancy's, "You Are Your Child's First Teacher"  . I especially like what is written about "developing your child's artistic ability". Since reading this section when Avi was just a few months old, I've wanted to get some art supplies. From another reading, (which book exactly I can't recall... maybe from Amanda Blake Soule?), I gleaned that having higher quality art supplies and storing them with your own art supplies (where they are seen as equally important as your own art supplies) can have a tremendous impact on your child's creativity. This weekend while we were out and about, I came across some art supplies (you can find them here and here) that were on my list: Beeswax crayons, paint, water colors, watercolor pad, and brushes. Now that Avi is nearly 19 months, I'm enjoying offering more opportunities for him to create. Jen over at paintcutpaste is full of ideas for "inspiring young artists". 

Today, as we were getting ready to head to the library for storytime, Avi asked for his "colors" (he says and signs this). When I asked him if he wanted to go to storytime at the library, he said, "no." "Colors?", he persisted. So we stayed home and created with our "colors" instead.

 "the chosen palette"

 right hand: blue dog

 left hand: yellow cat

 dog and cat hugging?

 dog and cat running off paper onto table

Not just for drawing...
Avi loves to sort, stack, pick up, drop, pick up, stack and sort his colors. 

I'm so glad we skipped storytime! 

What have you skipped lately? What art projects do you offer your kidlets?


  1. The problem with parenting books is that you don't know if you've read the right ones until you put them into practice lol!! I will say, after having read many, and being on many parenting groups, that there is NO perfect way, you are right. What we have evolved into is a nice little mesh of what works for us. Parents' and kids' personalities and temperaments play a huge role in what works, and because this is so variable, cookie cutter methods just don't--well, cut it (excuse the pun). Anyway, I love your points about art supplies. I am guilty of separating mine from theirs, though my kids see the difference and still use them :).

    And yes we will be neighbors!! We leave for Boulder March 1st! We will be looking for a rental as we explore neighborhoods. I may email you to see if you have suggestions on where in Boulder to search.
    Thanks Jules!

    1. MJ, I like puns! :) we are looking forward to having you in Boulder!!! maybe a little welcome wagon is called for! keep in touch!

  2. This is exactly why you didn't see us at music class yesterday. Zinnia has been sleeping later and upon waking I realized it'd be a rush to eat and get out the door and she still wanted to snuggle. Very little I can come up with is worth rushing her. So we snuggled. We snacked. Then we headed to the park. Good stuff! And she's peeking over my shoulders at Avi saying "draw!" so I think we need some drawing time together soon.

    1. slowing down and following their lead..... ah, when we can recognize it and go with it... it's magical! we missed you at music class but were happy to hear of your afternoon at the park instead!

      maybe an art party is in our future!

  3. Just the other day I skipped the dishes and I am so glad I did :)

    I totally agree with you, quality art supplies are so important for our little ones. It makes the act of creating so much more fun and meaningful.

    Have fun creating together.

    1. looking over at your blog, I was shocked to see your crafting supplies post. that with the skipping the dishes makes me thing we are living parallel lives!!! :) I love it!!!

  4. I believe you're right, it was Amanda Soule who discussed quality art tools for your children in her book. I don't have children yet, but I hide all the good stuff from my husband. I'll work on that... :)

    That last photo is beyond gorgeous. He looks absolutely content and excited to be just where he is. He sure is lucky to have a parent willing to let loose of the 'schedule' to make room for magic.

    1. laura emily... yes, sharing is good! ;) It is such a practice... the most intense practice I've ever done as a human... to slow down enough and listen to Avi's lead. I feel those moments are some of my proudest... and I work to manifest more of them!


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