Wednesday, January 11, 2012

snow, eggs, sunshine (in that order)

A few shots for Grandma...

 Not enough for a snowman, but Jenn did give Avi the lowdown on snowball fights.

 A serious contender. 

If these mittens fit, it might be easier.

The other morning I let the girls out and looked in their boxes for eggs... nothing. A few hours later I went to check again and....

 Not one, but three eggs!

 With a 1/2 dozen, I made two quiches! 
One was a gift and the other got eaten before I could take a photo!

Winters in Colorado are divine!  A little snow on one day and then sunshine and 60s the next.  

 Just one scoop...

 and some careful maneuvering...

 out of the sandbox...

... to share his sand with the hens. Too cute!


  1. Thank you so much for the quiche! Knowing it was made with love and that if came from YOUR chickens made it even yummier. Thanks to your girls and thanks to you three. oxox

  2. Lisa @ little coffee beans: So glad you guys enjoyed it. It really was my first quiche ever and it was so exciting to be able to make it with eggs that my girls laid that morning. I'm so loving these hens. I'm thinking we can finally 'trade' with you guys... before, you were just so generous with your garden boon! Now we have something to share too!


  3. Great pics!! What a difference a day makes :)

  4. What a fun variety of beautiful moments! LOVE the last snow cute and those eggs are beautiful!!!


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