Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Day

Starting the new year off right.  Yesterday, I spent hours cleaning out the pantry (I threw away oatmeal that was best used before August of 2008, yikes) and fridge, creating some menus, making a grocery list, shopping and cooking. I'm tired of being tired and want our food to energize us more.  Sure we eat organic, but organic chocolate and organic corn chips aren't really that great for you when you aren't consuming the veggies. For me, 2012, (among other intentions I've set) is my year to embrace food.  

 So this morning, I set out to make green smoothies for all of us. Avi helped!

I created this concoction based on a recipe from (a new favorite blogger) Kim over at Your Green Baby. Here's my variation:

Large handful organic spinach
3 leaves organic curly kale
½ organic avocado
Lemon juice from half an organic lemon
1 inch piece of organic ginger, peeled and chopped
½ organic banana
2 organic pears
2tbsp ground flaxseed
2tbsp ground chia seed (I didn't take the time to grind them, so they were whole)
2tbsp hemp protein powder4 ice cubes
Water – enough to cover ingredients and more to thin


But the goodness doesn't stop there. 
Yesterday morning I found a nice surprise when I greeted our chickens.

 Our first egg!!!!

I know that Red is responsible...

 ...because when I cracked the egg, it had a yolk.  
She's the only one old enough to not give me a pullet.

 A one egg omelette and some tomatoes I put under the broiler.

 Avi and I shared this breakfast!

 Then we were off for a family walk....

 (Bundled of course, it's chilly today even in the sunshine.)

  ...around Wonderland Lake.

 And last a stop at our favorite neighborhood coffee shop.  

Even looks pretty when it's gone.

Now the house is quiet and everyone except for me is napping. So far it's been a great start to this new year. How did your morning start? What are you embracing this year?


  1. Love the way you started off the New Year, nothing like getting the organic junk foods out and the health promoting ones in!!!

    The smoothie looks delish. Thanks for the mention :)

    And the rest of your day looked just lovely.

    Happy New Year!

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  2. I'm so glad you found me, so I could then find you! Congrats on your first egg!!! Happy 2012!

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  3. Oh, your first egg!! Very exciting, congrats!

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  4. Kim, Melissa, Jamie,

    yes, it has been a good start to the new year. we got our 1st egg and then, wouldn't you know it, our girl 'red' gave us another. and this week of unseasonably warm weather makes me thrilled to share maybe a few more eggs with our neighbors who have been gracious chicken sitters when we've been gone. :)


  5. Hooray for the egg!!! Aren't backyard chickens wonderful?!

  6. Melissa (tilly's nest), yes yes, we are so happy to be keeping them. I was a little bit apprehensive about doing it, but now that we have them... oh my, way easier than dogs! :) thanks for stopping by!

  7. We've got the same dishes! That is if that is a fiesta ware bowl and plate I am looking at. I know this is a weird place to write this but I've been reading backwards through your blog. I love your chicken coop. I really want to get chickens here but I'm afraid the coyotes or the bob cats will jump our 5 foot brick wall and get them. Kim has such great recipes doesn't she. Anyway, ramble ramble...I love reading your words. It's so fun to have so much in common with someone you've never met.

    1. KC, I know it. I feel the same. We have mountain lions, foxes, and hawks that have gotten chickens that live in the neighborhood, but so far we've been lucky... and our neighbors behind us have hens too and have had them much longer without losing any yet. We know it's a risk... you can always put a ceiling on your girls run. I have thought that we might do that if we start to have problems. and yes, fiesta ware. We got it this year from my mother-in-law and I love them!! and yes... I love Kim's recipes... I've been cooking more of them and some new ones too... I need to remember to get my camera out when I'm cooking and before we've chowed it all down so I can post some! thanks for joining us on this journey!! :)

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