Tuesday, July 10, 2012

cycling buddies...

How lucky are we that in Boulder, just a few minutes from our home, we have a bike park situated on 40 acres. Our neighbor, Carter, and his Dad John, invited us to join them this past Sunday for a morning of fun at the Valmont Bike Park. With Avi's strider in the trunk, and a coffee pit stop for us, we were off.... only to discover that the park was closed due to weather conditions. A big bummer for us first timers. But with striders in the car and eager 2 year olds, we set off to another trailhead closeby. 

Bike riding is fun, but so is playing along the train tracks. Will a train come today?

The whole morning, passerbys thought John,, Jenn and the two kidlets were a "sweet family".. and I, with the camera, were some random bird watcher. I couldn't help but laugh at our heterosexist society. (Sometimes I'm guilty of making the same assumptions).
Convinced my sweetie to get behind the camera for a few shots of Avi and I. 
With a little help from my friend...

...I can ride with my feet up.

The grand finale!

So much laughter with huge smiles.


All muddied up and ready to head home for a nap.

Thanks Carter and John. We look forward to next time at the actual bike park!


  1. Zinnia loved seeing these adventures! Let's ride together soon!

  2. Fun!! Reece would have loved riding through that big puddle.

  3. What fun those puddles must have been! I would like to get Sofia a peddle free bike. I'm trying to wait for big presents until her birthday but October is so far way.


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