Thursday, July 5, 2012


We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.  ~Thornton Wilder

This week's treasures include:
 :: a snack break while cooling off in the creek.
 :: finding new uses for bindweed. 
 :: creative and wonderful presents from Grandpa and Mel.
 :: friends finding solace on our front porch.
 :: 'playing stamps'.
 :: robin's nest in one of our oak trees.
:: making our own outdoor cinema after Avi is in bed. (yes, we love SYTYCD)
 :: Avi's first parade. (his shirt says, "Dance Hall Cracker Jack").

 :: these gentle little hands.


  1. What lovely things...yes, I am addicted to SYTYCD as well.

  2. aww, so many sweet treasures!!

    yep, SYTYCD fan here!! :)

  3. Lovely treasures!! I really like the outdoor cinema, great idea!

  4. It's only been a week and Avi looks bigger, older. How is that?? Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.
    Oh, and I love the outdoor cinema too!

  5. Haha, I love how he stamped all over himself :-) And what a sweet littel outdoor cinema. I wish we would have a little less rain, our summer has not been for the outdoors so far...
    Happy belated birthday to Avi!!!


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