Thursday, January 3, 2013


We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.  ~Thornton Wilder

My Thursday Ritual. I invite you to join me.
A few of this weeks treasures with some random musings along the way!!
 Ella came over again - and her and Avi played through all the rituals of the day. Playing, getting ready for work, going to school, eating, napping, and even bathing. "I'm the mama", she said. 

 So thrilled to have our friends Chris and Sara come for a visit with their cutest one, Harrison! 

I have to honor the mama of this family. We had her home for nine straight days as she transitioned out of her full time work and into private practice. It was so great to have her to ourselves!!! And we couldn't be more proud of her bravery for making this huge leap!!

And she turned another year older!!
So we celebrated Jenny style with a little bit surprise, a few friends, and, of course, sushi!!! 

I love this series of photos. Erin is reading Jenn's birthday horoscope to her. 
I still don't know what it said -- but these pictures are priceless!

And finally, a little more Avi and Mama time. 


  1. What wonderful photos! I hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday season and that your continue to be blessed in 2013!!!

    1. Thanks Melissa. It's funny, sometimes the best photos are all about the moments captured and (at least this time) less about the quality of the photo. :)

  2. yeah! how exciting to be starting out on a new adventure. i hope it all goes well and you all thrive with mama's new job. the photos are awesome as always.

    1. yes yes... to LEAP into the unknown!! how happy we are!!!


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