Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Taste of Tuesday :: Sun Dried Tomatoes

It's difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating a homegrown tomato.  ~Lewis Grizzard

This photo above still makes me laugh as I was making tomato-less bolognese sauce while those beauties sat waiting.

And sure, it's been months since I've walked into the kitchen just to see all of our home grown tomatoes staring back at me. But it's only been minutes since I've tasted the sweetness of summer... even with all the cold weather and snow outside. This year, in my effort to not let anything from our gardens go to waste, (and doing so without canning because I haven't been brave enough to take on that endeavor) I decided to make sun dried tomatoes. But instead of the sun, we used our oven. Super easy!! 

Sun Oven Dried Tomatoes: 
Quarter larger tomatoes, half smaller romas, and leave cherry tomatoes as is. Spread onto several baking sheets. (Some websites advised not letting them touch, but mine did and they shrunk up just fine).
Set your oven to the lowest temperature and bake for 6-24 hours. I checked mine after 7 hours and they were finally done after 12 hours. But if you are using larger tomatoes it may take longer. 

Just put them into mason jars and freeze. They are great for on top of salads or just as is. On a cold, gray, dark, winter day, there is nothing better than tasting the sweetness of your homegrown tomatoes.


  1. we're still eating ours too. love it. and next year, more, more, more!

    1. I think some of ours are also some of yours!!

  2. they look like they came out perfect! so wonderful to have taste of summer while in the middle of winter. :)


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