Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcoming 2013 with a new morning ritual

As I sit alone this morning, my family still asleep upstairs, the chickens starting to wake outside, I welcome in this 1st of the year.  These few quiet moments in the morning will be my ritual this year. 

 Happy New Year. 
May your year be filled with love, community, laughter, abundance, health, light, peace, a renewed and deeper connection to our natural world, sunshine, and some quiet little moments for yourself. 


  1. Happy New Year!! Wishing you the same, enjoy the ride!

  2. happy new year lovely!

  3. Happy Happy New Year! have many wild adventures this year.

  4. Happy New Year Jules!!!!

  5. I'd love quiet alone moments in the morning. What a wonderful new ritual for the coming year. I have tried it so many times myself, but there is this strange coincidence that occurs everytime I do. A day or two after I start waking early, one or both or my guys decides to start another round of sleep issues that takes months and months to disappear. It has happened so often that I am almost afraid to give it another try. :)

  6. Sounds perfect to me!!! Happy New Year!!!


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