Friday, August 24, 2012

Nine (this moment)s!

Yes, I know it's friday, but I'm having a little bit of thursday for friday. For those of you who don't know, I decided at the eleventh hour to teach again this fall. I started on Monday and that is partly the reason you haven't seen much around here. I hope to soon post about my decision to teach. In the meantime, here are Nine Moments!!!

-- Avi a little timid in the petting zoo. Mama leads the way! Thanks Jim and Paige for the invite!!
 -- The things you never knew existed until you go to a county fair. Who eats this stuff?
 -- Sand, Dirt, Mud... the natural progression. (taken by Michelle - our new and loved nanny).
-- Plum season!!! 
-- Gluten Free Plum Ginger Crumble  almost gone.
-- Folks Fest at Planet Blue Grass!!

 -- Making shade at the Folks Fest. 
 -- Avi's harvest of tomatoes and purple beans.
-- The chicken and feta didn't come from our sunless garden, but everything else we had for this dinner did!! 


  1. so many beautiful moments!! I love the nanny taking pictures. :) A folk fest!!! I wish we had one around here, I know the kids (and I!) would have a blast. Isn't it such a satisfying feeling being able to go to the garden to provide your family with a wholesome meal? I love it!

    All the best to you as you return to teaching!

  2. Ah, didn't realize you guys were up in Lyons last weekend. What fun! It's hard to miss those festivals. Loving all these dear moments. See you soon!

  3. Great moments! I'm so impressed that you've decided to go back to teaching. I hope it all works out for you. I'm rooting for you! Being a working mama ain't easy.

  4. nice moments. i really like the petting zoo photograph. :)

  5. You've had some really full moments! Looks like wonderful memories were made. Have great weekend!

  6. So, so many great moments here! Can't help but love the plums the best though. They are making me hungry just looking at them.


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