Thursday, August 9, 2012


We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.  ~Thornton Wilder

This week's treasures include:

-- These beauties ... growing to the next size but still baby feet.
-- Lately, I've been consumed by wanting to live near the water... then I came across this quote on someone's blog (was it yours? let me know so I can link)...
 "Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; but remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for." - Epicurus
Ruminating so obsessively about being someplace else, I almost missed the beauty in the moss growing between the flagstone in our front yard. I miss the water, but I do love where I live. 
 -- Plans to climb a 14er (14,000 foot mountain) with my Mom and siblings to celebrate her  70th birthday were thwarted when she sprained her ankle and knee five weeks ago. So instead, we did this...
 -- ...and this. This game ties our family together and has for many generations. Here Avi getting his first taste of Euchre from his Uncle Rick and Uncle Gene. 
 -- Uncle Gene's whiskers.
 -- Our vacation rental included a treasure map. 
 -- Our visit to the county fair.  Making Grandpa Berner Proud. 

-- Two weeks ago, a tired Ema at her wits end (as the going-to-sleep-process was once again weighing heavy on us all) drags the futon mattress from the spare room into Avi's room. And this is how his room stayed...
  -- ...until Sunday, when Avi and I took the crib apart together, using "tools" and the futon became his temporary big boy bed. The going-to-sleep-process is down from 3-4 hours to 15-45 minutes! Woot!!! I guess he was ready


  1. Lovely! So good to have time with family. And euchre? Where is your family from? I thought only Pittsburghers played that game. :)

    1. Katie,

      My family is from Michigan... I think most of us mid-westerners know euchre!

  2. Looks like Avi is getting more independent and wanting to be a "big boy." I do so love the dandelion on his wall! Hope you had a wonderful visit with the family. I've never played Euchre...Rook, Cribbage, Bridge and all the standards, you know Spades, Hearts, etc. but never Euchre. Hmmm....something new to learn!

    1. Melissa, if you can play Hearts and Spades and Bridge and Cribbage... well, first, you'd be welcomed with open arms into my family and second... you can surely play Euchre! :)

    2. I'm a bit of a card game junky...except for poker...suck at that. I had many all nighters in college playing cards. Great memories!

  3. Oh my Euchre, I haven't played that in years, so many fond memories. Looks like a great time with your family in a beautiful spot. Hope your mom is feeling better and that she had a lovely birthday.

    1. Kim,
      thanks for your well wishes for my mom... she's doing great. and see... even the Canucks play euchre!!! It's those cold winters... had to do something to pass the time, eh?


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